Will President Biden be able to reverse Trump’s Immigration Policies?

Posted on November 14, 2020, 4:44 pm
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US President Elect, Joe Biden might have given a resounding defeat to Republican candidate Donald Trump in 2020 presidential race, however, undoing the policies that his predecessor has inked will still go a long way than perceived.

After officially assuming charge of the White House, Biden will be ruling over a nation divided over  politics of hatred and intolerance, particularly when it comes to immigration policies.

Reversing those policies can actually prove to be a nightmare due to the general resistance from the public and handling the brunt of the damage inflicted in the past.

Due to Trump’s harsh immigration policies, around 25,000 migrants who are currenty languishing near the border will also need a rehabilitation plan.

The southern border can turn out to be the messiest for the new administration under Biden and Kamala Harris.

The Trump administration’s policies included limiting the number of legal asylum requests at the entry points, separating migrant children from families, requiring migrants to gain asylum first in Mexico or Guatemala before reaching the US among others.

These measures, comprising 400 policies, have taken a massive toll on immigration to the US.

According to a USA Today report, most of these policies can be undone by signing another executive order, although some of the processes require hierarchy and legal challenges from the opposing parties.

The most notorious and legally challenged “Muslim ban” can be undone in the similar way  — by an executive order repealing it and asking the Department of Justice to stop its defense before the federal court.

As for the Mexico border wall, Biden will have to see which already in place projects should continue and which measures can be rescinded.

Likewise, to revive Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, Biden will need to ask the Homeland Security to issue a new memo recalling the previous one under Trump. It is likely that the new president will be urged to expand the programme and push Congress for a new law.

Trump would have reduced legal immigration by 49% by 2021, according to National Foundation for American Policy analysis.

Once sworn in, the Democrat president said he will introduce a proper immigration reform within his first 100 days. The measures include reversal of the Trump administration’s move to cancel work permits of the spouses of H-1B visas, building of the wall, reversal of “Muslim bans” among others.

“Trump’s policies are also bad for our economy. For generations, immigrants have fortified our most valuable competitive advantage–our spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship. Research suggests that “the total annual contribution of foreign-born workers is roughly $2 trillion.” Key sectors of the U.S. economy, from agriculture to technology, rely on immigration. Working-age immigrants keep our economy growing, our communities thriving, and country moving forward,” according to Biden’s campaign site.

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