White House advisor Stephen Miller proposes ending birthright citizenships

Posted on October 28, 2020, 6:45 pm
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US President Donald Trump has locked horns with another presidential hopeful Joseph Biden in a bid to be re-elected into a second term, however, the matters of concern are the key policy areas that the eccentric business tycoon has in store for the world.

Immigration lies at the heart of US government and its policies directly relate to the world. Oft-criticised for his ruthless immigration program, the US president is represented by none other than another “White supremacist” Stephen Miller.

Miller, sometimes nicknamed “hater in chief”, is the brain behind Trump’s hardline immigration policies. The moment of dread is onto us as the 35-year-old senior policy adviser in the White House has new executive orders in stash if Trump gets re-elected in 2020.

Currently, the policies are said to be stowed away for the better because it can adversely impact the president campaign of the president notorious for his blatantly anti-refugee immigration policies.

In what can be deemed as stoically unprecedented measures, Miller intends to eliminate birthright citizenship so that the aspirants of US citizenship face far more difficulty in acquiring the right to live in the land legally.

Another measure is to end the Temporary Protected Status and cutting the refugee admissions brutally to zero.

According to media reports, Miller despite having the portfolio to deal with natural disasters, cybersecurity and terrorism, has always been fixated upon immigration policies and at times even intervened in some low-level immigration cases.

A recent book by Jean Guerrero “Hatemonger: Stephen Miller, Donald Trump, and the White Nationalist Agenda” focuses on Miller and Trump administration’s ruthless immigration policies.

“Stephen Miller wanted the leadership to constantly have immigration and border issues as their top priority and he ensured that happened by manipulating the bureaucracy, by constantly invoking Trump’s demands, Trump’s desires,” said Guerrero, also an investigative journalist, according to The Guardian.

The White House administration has time and again stood by Miller, despite the calls to remove him due to his White supremacist bias.

It is pertinent to mention that under the TPS policy, the foreign nationals are to be safeguarded from deportation back to countries facing civil unrest, which means cutting short the measure will leave asylum seekers at the mercy of relentless regimes.

If enacted, Venezuela will be the most hard-hit country as it has the highest number of asylum-seekers for the US. The White House has been adamant to cut short TPS for EL Salvador, Nicaragua, Sudan and Haiti as well.

(By Nida Mujahid Hussain)

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