US election 2020: World awaits a winner with bated breath

Posted on November 05, 2020, 6:37 pm
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In the United States, the winner in the race for the presidential candidacy will be the one emerging victorious with majority votes in the electoral college system.

So far, Biden is leading the presidential race with 263 votes while Trump is lagging behind with 214 votes.

The winner in one state wins all of its votes — well in most of the cases. Out of 538 votes, the winner has to get 270 votes.

In the system, the individual states count their votes with most of them still in the process; hence the long wait for the winner.

Which states can be the decisive factor remains to be seen, here is although a breakdown of the major battlegrounds for both Trump and Biden.

PENNSYLVANIA (20 votes): Around 580,000 postal votes are yet to be accounted for in the state, as per the BBC. The time consumed to count them is because the law of the land does not allow a prior to the election counting of the votes in mail. Uptill now, Trump seemingly has an edge here over Biden, but the postal votes can play a pivotal role.

GEORGIA (16 votes): The key state presents a very narrow lead for Trump over Biden here, while the voting is said to be completed by Thursday.

ARIZONA (11 votes):  Here the Democrat is giving Trump a tough time reportedly, however, around 500,000 votes are still to be considered.

NEVADA (6 votes): Biden here as well has narrow success over the US president. With postal votes yet to be counted, the state will announce the official results the next day.

Wisconsin (10) and Michigan (16): Biden is leading the race here with projection set to announce him as the winner and in Wisconsin as well.

The counting process is a long and diligent one as the states have their own laws and there does not exist a general governing body for the elections.

Projections speculate that of Biden clinches votes in Michigan, Nevada, Arizona, and Wisconsin, he will achieve his target of 270. As for Trump, along with Pennsylvania, the Republican president will need to emerge victorious in Georgia, North Carolina and Arizona or Nevada.

Trump has cried foul over the recent results, seeking a recount in Wisconsin, a halt in Michigan, extension in mail vote count in Pennsylvania and challenging late absentee ballots in Georgia.

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