US election 2020: Joe Biden and Trump lock horns for victory as key states to decide the fate

Posted on November 05, 2020, 6:08 pm
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US President Trump is currently standing with 214 votes while his Democratic archrival leads with 263 votes.

US presidential candidate and Democrat Joe Biden is apparently in lead for the race to clinch 270 electoral college votes to lock victory leading to the White House, however, it is still soon to establish a claim as key states remain a gamechanger.

US President Donald Trump is standing what can be deemed an abject 214 votes with Biden leading with 263, but the key states of Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Wisconsin are yet to provide definitive results.

According to BBC, a possible combination for Trump to reach his apparently-impossible coveted win, he must win with 16 votes from Georgia, 20 from Pennsylvania, 15 from N Carolina and 11 from either Arizona or 6 from Nevada.

Whereas, the Democratic candidate and leading so far in the race with 243 votes, Biden needs to win from Arizona, Georgia and Nevada, and also could do without a victory in Pennsylvania.

The US president has claimed fraud and demanded a recount, without providing any formal evidence in this regard.

The vote count is taking quite a while because it takes time to gather and count the votes, particularly postal votes, in individual states.

Out of 538 state votes, the candidate has to win 270 votes or electors in a state in relation to its proportion, this how the electoral college works.

The US has also been in the crosshairs of the coronavirus pandemic, which experts say have mellowed down the pace of voting and counting.

In one instance, 10 polling staffers in New York’s Southampton were diagnosed with the virus, forcing dozens to go into self-isolation.

Meanwhile, the possibility of gun violence and clashes have been raised in the international media, suspecting that it could impact the result of the election.

In Russian, Iranian and Chinese media news and footage of protesters clashing with police have been reported.

The outlets expressed fear that the civil unrest can undermine the democratic ideals of the world’s biggest democracy and axis of power.

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