Trump to be evicted out of White House upon refusal to leave

Posted on November 10, 2020, 1:46 pm
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US President Donald Trump can be escorted out of the White House in case he does not concede defeat and pass on the baton to his successor-apparent Joe Biden.

According to the 20th Amendment, Trump after his loss in the presidential race has to vacate the White House until January 20, noon.

If the president opposes the move then he will have to be evicted with the help of the very staff sworn to protect him.

Although this has not been the case so far in the US history, but it is being feared that the tables can turn this time.

As per newsweek, a former security official revealed: “”The Secret Service would escort him off, they would treat him like any old man who’d wandered on the property.”

Along with the loss of US leadership, the business tycoon will have to lose his preferred means of transportation such as Air Force One and his eccentric limousine, the Beast.

Malcolm Nance, a former intelligence office told the US publication that as of noon of January 21 “he Beast doesn’t belong to him, AF1 doesn’t belong to him, and the White House doesn’t belong to him.”

If it comes to using force to evict the president, rather than the military it will be the Secret Service to remove Trump from the premises.

“If he says he will not physically leave the White House, they will physically remove him,” said Nance. “They may have to put hands on him to remove him. They may tell him if he doesn’t make his flight, he may have to contract his own flight.”

In a historic win, Biden clinched a historic win with 290 electoral votes by defeating arch-rival in the presidential race 2020.

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