The Fear Factor

Posted on October 31, 2020, 10:21 pm
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The world is expecting the rather frightening possibility of the Re-election of Trump. What many Americans thought was impossible only four years ago seems like a real likelihood in 2020.

Back in 2016, I was one of the few in my circle that predicted that Trump would be President. My son remembers how I was convinced that the media had it completely wrong. This time around people seem defeated already. A senior bureaucrat in Pakistan echoes the views of my son that the blatant disregard of civil liberties and another Muslim Pakistani origin friend who was terrified of the backlash & declared that he was thinking of changing his kid’s Muslim names.

While the world leaders highlight the Islamophobia migrants face I do question why they are not that interested in keeping their own citizens particularly minorities safe. One could ask that had it not been for a lack of opportunities, joblessness & fighting proxy wars for superpowers these people would never have left their home countries. 

Conservative right-wing governments across the globe stopped making promises of economic recovery a long time ago. Now all they need to do is to create a media hype about their borders being crossed by rapists murderers & drug traffickers & their vote is secure. If the fear-mongering that foreigners are not only taking the jobs that were meant for the locals was not enough the cultural liberal values being destroyed by an alien barbaric invasion is a genius plan to cover up the simple fact that there is no plan for welfare or economic relief. 

There are no prospects of social mobility on offer. 

The facts, well they got lost in a media narrative.

The Right-wing dominates the mainstream media yet portrays itself as the victim of a hyperactive “woke” leftist invasion. The left or the centre-left is confined mainly to Social Media yet the conservative say the left is culturally dominant. Even lawyers are described as lefty if they describe the provisions of law.

Being democratic is described as something sinister. This tactic works globally for propping up & sustaining conservative regimes which is why we have the far-right in power everywhere, yet they continually complain about their culture or religion under threat by a minority population or even mindset.  You are being clearly told that the virus will kill you & that Obamacare will be taken away.

The man doesn’t really care about medical advice or research & his aversion to sensible advice will get him & his close circle infected. We know not to expect an economic recovery plan because we caught him demonstrating that he does not know what an MOU is & courtesy of his tax returns it appears he isn’t really as much a business wiz as he leads us to believe. So what is the manifesto? Like most right-wing politicians he doesn’t need one. 

Trump voters are being clearly told that whatever little you have now even that will be snatched away by those who look & speak differently. The refugee & migrant issue is so baseless it makes me want to throw some figures at them but facts don’t sell as well as fiction.

Those like myself who demand fairness & equality for all are the real evil in society. Bernie & Corbyn are not real politicians.

Biden’s lack of offensive & calm measured tone seems to be his main vice according to his critics.  I wonder if Trump types are to be blamed for exploiting what exists in society naturally? When he says he is the least racist one isn’t he pointing out the fact that he isn’t as racist as others or that we all are racists to some degree?

If Biden faces the camera & offers empathy to those who lost their loved ones through Corona & pledges to double up efforts as President to combat the pandemic do we still need for him to show us some swashbuckling swordsmanship to impress us? Is it not enough that Biden has the ability to listen, allow people to finish their sentences & not talk over them? The fact that Biden is not paranoid about everyone being against him or on some kind of agenda should be convincing evidence that the man might not reject every sensible advice directed at him as President.

These elections are not about two personalities it is much bigger than that. It is about the ability to sift between fact & propaganda. It is the quest to restore some basic values of tolerance & humanity in the world. While my friends might have given up I see signs that give me hope. For example, this dreadful disease that physically distanced us from our loved ones & work colleagues made us realise the importance of human contact. We have started missing our annoying boss & his funny ties. We might have shifted our shopping to Amazon deliveries but we actually smile at the driver & he gives us a thumbs up. We have started waving to our neighbours through the kitchen windows & we miss simple things like touching things before we buy them. 

While the recent Conservative Party conference in the UK’s main theme seemed to be that the problem with Britain was the presence of do-gooders.

The last time I checked the opposite of a do-gooder is a self-seeker. 

However in the words of Dickens “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair”.  

We might have taken a few wrong turns & not listened to the SatNav but we could just be turning a corner to reach the beautiful destination we had set out for. A few encouraging signals can be seen. 

All eyes are on oil & gas states like Texas who are regarded as the traditionally red states. Could Texas break it’s record of not voting for a Democrat candidate? 

The voter list has changed & patterns too. Texas is on its way to setting a new record already.

Its early voting has already surpassed the 2016 total voter turnout according to  Michael McDonald, a political science professor at the University of Florida who runs the U.S. Elections Project. Could this signal a break from the past in other ways too? Corona has changed us all & perhaps the biggest change might be that we are not going to be manipulated by fear anymore.

A visionary woman who has never capitulated on matters that are against basic human rights and morality. She is a strong proponent of sustainable improvement in Pakistan through education, engagement, inspiration, innovation and empowerment opportunities for all (especially the youth). Reham Khan an internationally recognised personality within the Media, Journalism & Broadcasting industry (particularly in Pakistan, United Kingdom, and India) Reham Khan is a single parent & a human rights activist who is considered a leading voice against child abuse & early marriage. Khan is also a film producer with her debut film “Janaan” a box office hit in Pakistan & the first Pakistani Film to make it to the top ten films in the UK. She is also the author of the most controversial book coming out of Pakistan in recent years in which she took on the incoming government head-on & faced death threats for her brave expose of Pakistani elite society & politics. She is an odd case of One Right versus the Many Wrongs happening in our society today. She is described as the survivor with a smile.

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