Taliban destroy Pakistan’s fencing on Afghan border as face-off escalates

Posted on January 03, 2022, 6:37 am
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KABUL: Taliban fighters have torn down a section of the razor wire fence along the Durand line.

According to the details, the barbed wire was destroyed and brought to Afghanistan.

Videos of the incident went viral on social media platforms where Talibs could be seen threatening Pak army personnel with harsh repercussions if they attempt to install barbed wires across the border.

Clashes have reportedly erupted between Islamic Emirate forces and Pakistani border guards along the line in the eastern provinces of Kunar and Nangarhar.  

“If the Taliban–as a government–really wants to solve this issue, it should make its stance known on a national and international level: does it want Attock (city under Pakistan control on the other side of the Durand Line) or not?” said Aziz Marij, a former diplomat.  

The Islamic Emirate has yet to make any official remark about the videos but said that such disputes should be solved via negotiations.  

“We are trying to solve all the problems via negotiations and to prevent the chance of another dispute or conflict,’ said Inamullah Samangani.  

Pakistan has nearly completed its barbed wire on the entire Duran Line that stretches approximately 2,400 KM between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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