Secret arrangement between USA & Taliban revealed

Posted on September 01, 2021, 4:12 pm
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KABUL: Taliban escorted Americans to Kabul airport after the United States and the group reached a secret agreement.

According to a CNN report, as crowds of Afghans sought refuge, American citizens and passport holders were told to meet at gathering points near the airport so that the Taliban could check their documents and take them to a designated gate where American forces were stationed, two defence officials told CNN.

US forces set up a secret gate at the airport and established “call centres” to manage and help Americans through the evacuation process, one official noted.

A military official said the arrangement with the militant group “worked beautifully.” However, other testimonies by people involved in efforts to get Americans and Afghans out of the country noted there were issues, especially in the beginning.

Meanwhile, senior officials in Biden’s administration emphasized throughout the evacuation that the Taliban had committed to providing a safe passage and that the group was cooperating.

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