Russia-Ukraine war: Chinese President Xi Jinping speaks to Russia’s Vladimir Putin

Posted on February 25, 2022, 4:16 pm
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Chinese President Xi Jinping held a phone call with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on Friday after Moscow launched an invasion of its neighbour.

According to the details, Jinping urged Putin to negotiate with Ukraine to defuse tensions.

“China determines its position concerning the Ukrainian issue on its own merits,” Xi Jinping told Vladimir Putin, according to a Chinese Foreign Ministry statement.

“It is important to reject Cold War mentality, take seriously and respect the reasonable security concerns of all countries and reach a balanced, effective and sustainable European security mechanism through negotiation.”

Xi reiterated that Beijing will support “Russia in resolving the issue through negotiation with Ukraine.”

“China has long held the basic position of respecting all countries’ sovereignty and territorial integrity, and abiding by the purposes and principles of the UN Charter,” he said.

Putin used the phone call to “set forth the historical context of the Ukrainian issue, Russia’s special military operation in eastern Ukraine and its position,” according to the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

“He noted that the United States and NATO have long turned a blind eye to Russia’s legitimate security concerns, and have repeatedly negated their promises to Russia,” read the statement.

“Their continued military deployment eastward has challenged Russia’s strategic red line. He also expressed Russia’s willingness to have high-level negotiation with Ukraine,” he said.

Meanwhile, China is gearing up to bring back its nationals from Ukraine by chartered flights following the massive military operations launched by Russia against the east European country, the official media in Beijing reported on Friday.

The Chinese Embassy in Kyiv issued a notice on Thursday in preparation for bringing back Chinese nationals from Ukraine.

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