“No ties with Israel,” Taliban spokesperson

Posted on September 08, 2021, 9:48 am
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DOHA/KABUL: Taliban Spokesman Suhail Shaheen has said that the group is willing to establish relations with all nations except Israel.

In a recent interview with Russia’s Sputnik News, Shaheen said that the Islamist group would be happy to open a new chapter of ties with the US that would include reconstruction aid.

“Yes, of course, in a new chapter if America wants to have a relation with us, which could be in the interest of both countries and both peoples, and if they want to participate in the reconstruction of Afghanistan, they are welcome”, Shaheen said.

However, there was no chance for ties with Israel.

“Of course, we won’t have any relation with Israel. We want to have relations with other countries, Israel is not among these countries,” Shaheen said.

Meanwhile, the Taliban on Tuesday named a provisional government, including several wanted for terror offences.

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