London mayor says Trump ‘singled out’ him over his faith

Posted on November 10, 2020, 1:51 pm
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London Mayor Sadiq Khan has claimed that the outgoing US President Donald Trump ‘singled out’ him during his presidential tenure solely on the basis of his faith.

In a recent interview to the LBC radio, the Muslim mayor said that he met the discriminatory behaviour over “no other reason than his faith”.

“It’s never been harder to be a Muslim than the last four years,” said Khan, adding that it is not “easy” being a Muslim.

He further said that for the first time the world saw a leader perpetrating the view point that “Islam and the west are incompatible”.

Khan added that Trump insinuated that “all of us [Muslims] must be bad, or must be terrorist because of the actions of a very small minority.”

The mayor of one of the world’s most popular cities, said that the view point put an additional weight on Muslims around the world.

The interview with startling and bold claims came in wake of the democrat Joe Biden giving Trump a resounding defeat in the US presidential elections 2020.

It does not come as a surprise as Trump was highly harsh in his views on the London mayor and several times on Twitter lambasted him and his credentials.

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