“I am in Panjshir valley,” Former Afghan VP says in audio message

Posted on September 03, 2021, 5:22 pm
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KABUL: Former Afghanistan vice president Amrullah Saleh has said in his audio message that he is still present in Afghanistan.

In his recorded audio message, Amrullah Saleh says “I’m calling you from the Panjshir Valley, from my base, I’m with our commanders, with our political leaders. We are managing the situation. Of course, it’s a difficult situation, we are under the invasion of Taliban, Pakistanis, Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups.”

“We have not lost the territory, Our the four-five days the Taliban have launched their offensive, they have not been able to have any significant gain. They have suffered casualties, we have suffered casualties,” he added.

“We are here, I am here in Afghanistan, if any proof is needed I can send it,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, In a video message, Amrullah Saleh said he is in Panjshir and that the anti-Taliban resistance is still fighting.

This comes as the Taliban claimed that their forces have taken control of Panjsher province, bringing all 34 provinces of Afghanistan under control of the Taliban.

It was reported that Amrullah Waley fled to Tajikistan.

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