Former head of the Mossad ‘leaked’ classified information to his married lover

Posted on December 21, 2021, 7:04 am
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Former Mossad chief Yossi Cohen revealed state secrets to a flight attendant with whom he was having an affair, as well as to her husband.

According to the details, the network’s HaMakor investigative program reports that the affair began in late 2018 and that Cohen would brag to the couple about various secret details from the spy agency’s operations around the world, as well as providing them information on his travels around the world.

“He told lots of stories, including about Mossad,” Guy Shiker, a well-known figure in Israeli capital markets, tells the program.

“He’s a blabbermouth. He starts telling me that Mossad is ‘sitting’ on a doctor of a well-known Arab leader,” he said.

Shiker says Cohen also shared details about his management style.

“He tells me, ‘When I was appointed to be Mossad chief, listen carefully, within 10 days, I fired six [top officials]… because they weren’t loyal to the system. They weren’t good. They thought I was their best friend when we were equals. The moment I was appointed [I fired them], without mercy.”

Cohen in response says he never shared any security secrets or any information he was not supposed to.

The full program will air on Tuesday.

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