Former British MP George Galloway and his family threatened on Twitter

Posted on November 04, 2021, 4:47 pm
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Former UK MP George Galloway received a fresh threat on Twitter just as he is following up on previous threats to his life and family.

Taking to Twitter, Galloway wrote: “This year a man has been convicted of threatening to shoot me in the head, I have to give evidence in the trial of a second man this month, and now a third man has publicly threatened to murder me with a knife and hurt my children. Just think about that… @MetCC@metpoliceuk”

Galloway shared the evidence of the latest threat with The Pakistan Daily.

A Twitter user by the name of Aiden Foster threatened the former MP and political analyst. “I’m coming for yu Georgie. You’re gonna feel the blaid. Say hi to your kids.”

Galloway also mentioned that hundreds of journalists followed him on Twitter but no one had yet reported that a man had threatened to murder him with a knife and threatened his children.

Other Twitter users also condemned the threats against George Galloway.

“When Galloway, as an MP, was hospitalised by a pro-Israel fanatic he got no sympathy from PLP brutes or liberal journalists. The unspoken thought was, and is, he had it coming. But Tory Michael Gove laid up a bit of treasure in Heaven by crossing the street to shake his hand,” Twitter user George Brennan wrote.

Chinese journalist Jingjing Li wrote: “Unbelievable … I’ve seen many people that I know receiving such appalling death threats just because they expressed different views. This sickening behavior really need to be stopped.”

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