Can Trump prolong his stay at the White House?

Posted on November 12, 2020, 6:56 pm
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The world saw 2020 leaving with one prominent change before departure — Democrat Joe Biden clinching a phenomenal win against Donald Trump.

However, there is a catch; the outgoing Republican president does not want to acknowledge his defeat despite the US constitution not providing him any leeway to prolong his stay at the White House.

In a rather bizarre statement, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said “There will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration”.

However, it is not easy as it seems. The electoral college will meet on December 14 to elect a president through voting.

Biden will likely face no difficulty with around 294 electoral college votes and victories in Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

The one thing that goes in the democrat’s favour is the margin of votes he has garnered in these states and no apparent systematic fraud reported.

According to The Guardian, these states could have invoked the law in which if they “failed to make a choice” by the day of the voting, which is clearly not the case here.

The move could also seriously undermine the democratic system if several states ignore the popular vote and appoint their own electors by using the abovementioned clause.

Every state has own time period to certify election results, while the federal law says that if the results are finalised by December 8, the result will be “conclusive”.

“States are going to start certifying their vote totals beginning in less than 10 days, and there is no basis in the claims made thus far for the courts to stop that process,” said Richard Pildes, a law professor at New York University.

At the end of Trump’s tenure on January 20, 2021, if in worst case scenario there is no final result reached, then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will become the interim president.

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