Be responsible. Go and Vote!

Posted on November 03, 2020, 11:12 am
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Vote: something some of us can’t care less about and affects ALL of us.

We wake up every morning. Get out of our beds, brush our teeth, get changed and have breakfast with BBC/CNN on. Cursing at the leaders for their immaturities and incompetence. Then start pitying ourselves to have such horrible leaders. Not thinking for a second that we had the power to change it but we couldn’t be bothered. Not thinking that we chose that person standing the other side of television, talking absolute nonsense. Not thinking that we could bring the change but we rush through our decision. Not thinking that a little bit of knowledge and information about the policies and the parties could have saved us from such disasters. Yes! We do not think! We do not read! We suddenly become someone with no ability to think when we vote or become our own enemies and cannot be asked to vote.  This is not for everyone but those whose decision, unfortunately, does matter to us because it AFFECTS US!

We become sad and start sharing our sentiments when seeing a painful and disturbing incident on television or social media. We get along with our day and forget how painful and heartbreaking that incident was. But we do not stop for a minute and think ”wait, this needs to change, I have to change it, I am going to change it!”. Instead, we let it be and expect miracles to happen itself. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. Nothing works unless YOU do! That is a fundamental truth which many of us neglect.

The tragic aspect is that we do not understand that we are going to be affected the most by not voting. Wherever you go, you have to face difficulties whether it’s educational or financial. YOU will suffer!

In the Presidential elections of 2016, the total population of the eligible voter was more than 231 million; 138,884,643 of them exercised their right to vote but 92,671,978 of them did not. After looking at the statistics that how many eligible Americans did not vote, I was stunned! Most of you might have not even wanted Donald Trump to come in power but by not voting you did accept him as your President. You did accept the injustice which happens on daily basis! You did accept the racism! You did accept the corruption! You did accept all the wrongdoings! You did not make your voice heard, and that’s not how you are going to make ”America great again”. Trump has done enough damage but are you still willing to let him continue like this? Ask yourself, are you ok with him to destroy your country? Are you ok with the injustice? Are you ok with your rights been taken away from you? If no, then GO AND VOTE!

Your vote DOES make a difference! You have the power to change this brutal system! Then why quit? Why not fight for your rights? Why not make your voice heard? What’s the point of having a voice if you’re going to be silent? It’s time that you understand the seriousness of the situation. Elections are not a joke. They decide your future, your opportunities. Those who are thinking of voting Kanye West, I feel sorry for you because your inability to think for your future is incredibly disappointing and upsetting. It’s not the best rapper/singer nominations, it is the future of YOUR country! How hard is that to understand? Kanye West is not running for the presidency, therefore, voting for him means putting your vote in a dustbin as he is not a candidate. DO NOT WASTE YOUR VOTE!

We do not understand how not casting our vote affects us all. If the educational system is broken, your children are going to suffer. If there is no proper healthcare provided, you and your family is going to suffer and so on. Are you willing to live in a broken and divided country where you only deserve to be treated like a human according to your bank balance? Where only the upper class is allowed to live ”the American dream”? Where everyone cannot have equal rights? Have you ever wondered why is that? It is because of the leaders you pick or just let others to pick for you as you cannot be asked to make such an important decision of your life which is not only going to affect you but millions of people.

These elections are very crucial for every American. You have to remember that you are responsible for the racism, injustice, brutality that happens every day in America. By not voting you have done this to your country. This will continue until you decide to do something about it and the first step is to use your voice and use it properly. Fight for your rights!

Change can only come if all of us be responsible and sensible during the elections and vote accurately. You won’t have to protest if you make the right decision in the first place. Before casting your vote also think about the future 331 million people that will be affected by your vote.

Lyla Khan is a student, an activist, a blogger, and a feminist.

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