A Pakistani blogger in Holland has a message for PM Imran Khan

Posted on June 21, 2021, 3:49 pm
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By Mahvish Ahmad.

Story from a few years ago – we had a gatekeeper with a long daarhi. He wore a topi, held the tasbeeh in his hands at all times and recited the Quran. One day, he was caught raping our female dog in the veranda. When questioned, he confessed and said “ghalti ho gai” (I made a mistake).

I would like to ask Prime Minister Imran Khan how we can ensure that men are not triggered to sexually assault animals. I mean, what kind of a dress code should animals be wearing to keep the piety of men intact?

What kind of clothes was #MuftiAzizUrRehman‘s victim wearing when he was repeatedly molested by the Mufti in a Madrassa?

PM Khan’s comments are an insult to all the victims of sexual violence. pic.twitter.com/r1oBQH35jk

— Hamza Azhar Salam (@HamzaAzhrSalam) June 21, 2021

I would also like to ask him to suggest the right kind of clothing for dead bodies to ensure that men are don’t feel the compulsion to rape them. I would also like to ask what exactly babies and young children around the age of Zainab should wear so men are not derailed from the right path. And what girls should wear at home to protect themselves from predatory fathers, brothers, cousins and uncles.

I would like to ask him if he realizes how painful and traumatic his misogynist statements are for rape survivors and victims of abuse.

I would like to as him what is the future of our daughters and ourselves is in a country where the PM throws the blame of rape on the victim and validates the transgressor.

I would like to ask the women who are defending him on social media that who exactly are you really kidding? Have you not been harassed on the streets, buses, offices, your homes, the market or online irrespective of your clothing? Do you really see that to be your own fault? Do you not see it as it as an act of power and dominance?

1. 6th grade – was wearing school uniform with tons of layers. There was this guy with mehrab on his head & long beard, would take rounds on bicycle near my bus stop, hiding in his dick under his chaddar. He’d take it out every time he would pass by me. Sometimes he’d go… https://t.co/EgICzK0w0P

— Zee. (@TrawayShomlay) June 21, 2021

I would like to ask the men in our society how they don’t get bothered when the prime minister reduces them to animals who lack self-control and any sort of agency. How are they okay being described as natural rapists? Matlab, if a man practices self-control, lowers his gaze, respects women and doesn’t take them to be meat that’s asking to be eaten, then he MUST be a robot?

Horrified, disgusted, enraged.

2. I was walking home with my mother with a huge white chaddar on. A guy on bicycle came and pinched me on my butt.

3. In a wagon. Was wearing qameez shalwar with chaddar. Sitting on front seat. The driver kept on putting his hand between my legs while changing gears.

— Zee. (@TrawayShomlay) June 21, 2021

As Kanwal Ahmed said, what are these Khalil ur Rehmans we ask to be banned when the state leader validates rapists in international media.

Don’t you guys see at all how dangerous this situation is for our girls and us?

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